The Beaches of Espoo: Mellsten

Mellstenin uimaranta, Espoo

Mellsten Beach is located in the southern Espoo, Haukilahti. Plenty of people live nearby this popular beach.

Mellstenin uimaranta, Espoo

From here you can find pictures and information about all the public beaches in Espoo. There are over 30 of them.

Mellstenin uimaranta, Espoo

Mellstenin uimaranta, Espoo

I have pictures from this beach from two diffrent visits. That explains the fast change in weather.

Komeaaa niemeäkin kelpaa ihastella.

Mellstenin uimaranta, Espoo

Cape of Mellsten, nearby the beach.

Basic information of the Beach:

  • Address: Mellstenintie 6, Espoo.
  • Serviices: Showers, locker room, beachvolley-field, summer terrace.

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