The Beaches of Espoo: Suvisaaristo (Summer Islands)

On the seaside of Espoo's Suvisaaristo, there is a small beach in a beautiful location amidst the forest. Suvisaaristo is in english Summer Islands.

The beach isn't very popular. The slightly remote location in Suvisaaristo may affect the number of visitors, as well as the fact that the popular Hanikka beach is just over a kilometer away on the same road.

I have always wondered about these changing rooms. Espoo City does not have similar futuristic small booths on any other beach. How did they get here? Is this the work of the residents?

Outhouses can also be found in the middle of the charming archipelago forest.

A beautiful old tree.

Public transportation is also available to the site. At least bus 145 (from Matinkylä to Suvisaaristo) passes a few hundred meters away. The beach is reached via a winding forest path.

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