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Espoonlahti Nature Conservation Area and Fiskarsinmäki

Welcome to my childhood landscape. I studied in Kauklahti for secondary school and high school, and quite a few times we walked around the outskirts of the Lasilaakso valley, in the Espoonlahti nature reserve. And what a great place it is.

Let's start with a map, taken from a picture of the place. There's an outdoor trail around Fiskarssinmäki. This is a photo story of a tour around that ring road, except that at Mankinjoki the path was sometimes so muddy that you had to take a shortcut across the hill.

In the summer the meadows are grazed by their own gang, and I'm not talking about the local youngsters. Note the staircase over the fence at the back, clever design. No need to open the gate.

These photos are from late April. When the weather is right, it's a joy to walk around with a camera.


There were plenty of shots of the beach, but what can you do with great weather.

The bird tower is "behind" the Fiskarssinmäki (in english Fiskars hill).

From which you can see some nice scenery. From here towards Sundsberg. Sundberg is located in the neighborough-city of Kirkkonummi.

To south.

... and pretty much straight east.

As a history buff, I had to get to the Mankki River. 

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