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The Beaches of Helsinki: Pihlajasaari

Pihlajasaari is an Recreational islands of the city of Helsinki where you can swim and enjoy the outdoors. It is located just outside Helsinki, and can be reached by ferry in the summer. It's maybe just half a kilometer grom here to the main land.

It is actually wrong to call the beach of Pihlajasaari a beach. There are practically three nice beaches on the island, on slightly different parts of the peninsula. Add to that the passing of the Tallinn ferries, and there's probably no better place to spend a hot day in the Helsinki region.

Let's start with the largest of the beaches, the one on the west side.

Pihlajasaari is a so-called EU beach, a large public beach. In other words, it receives an average of over 100 visitors a day.

You can't really see the showers in these pictures, but they are all over the island, on the cliffs and in the middle of the forest.

Ferrys from Helsinki to Tallinn go vie these shores. 

Beaches on both sides of the jetty.

On the north shore there is a more sheltered beach.

The "third beach" is on the other side of the jetty. There is a marina in front, so the water is calm. This is probably the best wading spot for the little ones in the family.



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