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The Beaches of Espoo: Velskola

The Beach of Velskola in Notrhern Espoo. The area is owned and maintaines by the  Evangelical Lutheran Parishes of Espoo. I understand that the beach is a "semi-public". 

The lake Velskolan Pitkäjärvi deepens quickly - as early as 6-7 meters from the shore on the lake is a depth of a few meters. On the other hand most of the swimmers are in the confessional camps of teenagers, for whom this is very suitable.

Lake covers an area of 104 hectares and an average depth of three meters.

There is also a small lawn with benches and toilets.

The parking lot is half a kilometer to the beach, so be prepared to walk. The scenery is nice, the region is a part of Noux "lake highland"..


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