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The Beaches of Espoo: Oittaa

The Beach of Oittaa is located on the shores of Lake Bodom. The beach is suitable for families with children as it deepens gradually. Actually Oittaa has actually two seperate beaches. Oittaa is the most popular beach in Espoo, and one of the "top beaches" in Helsinki region.

Oittaa can be found couple of kilometers north from the Ring Road III. Distance to, the center of Espoo is perhaps five kilometers.

Oittaa beach has been refurbished to a good shape. You cn find there for example, changing rooms and showers.

... and basketball-field and Angry Birds -park.

... and fiels to play football or beach volley..

Oittaa manor barn has been renovated into Oittaa Recreation center. The building include a café-restaurant, and the saunas that are at use also in winter..

The walkway takes you across the forest to the second beach. 50 years ago so called "Bodom murders" happened nearby.

The so-called second beach is bigger than most of the other beaches in Espoo. When I was a kid, we swam mostly on this side.


Lake Bodom.

Address id Kunnarlantie 33-39.

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