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The Beach of Votsalakia, Piraeus nearby Athens

Since I've taken pictures from all the beaches of my hometown Espoo, a hasty person might think that I am disregarding the other beaches. Sometimes, I may get bored and go for a swim instance for the Piraeus. Piraeus is the neighboring city of Athens, in a sense, therefore, similar to what Espoo is to Helsinki.

Tourist guide of Athens state that there is no swimming beach. Well, it is true. Instead, the are plenty of beaches in Piraeus, and it takes about 20 minutes (using subway) from Athens to get to Piraeus.. This Votsalakia beach is closest to the city center, maybe one and a half kilometers from the nearest subway station. And you can also use local bus lines.

The beach deepened steadily, the water was clear and warm. If you want to complain: in mid-July, it is so hot that the sand burns under your feet. From a finnish point of view that does not sound too bad at all.

The outdoor swimming pool is unfortunately only to members. This became clear when we tried to walk to the dressing rooms.. If I lived around here, I tried very hard to get a membership to this group.


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