The Beaches of Helsinki

Helsinki has more than 30 public beaches. Soon you will find here a presentation of all of them. You should also check out the beaches in neighbouring city of Espoo.

The Beaches of Helsinki: Länsiulapanniemi

In the south-western corner of Lauttasaari, Länsiulapanniemi, there is a nice little beach. Surrounded by beautiful cliffs. Lauttasaari is a island west the city of Helsinki. You can get here with metro. Koivusaari metro-station is some 700 north from here.

The Beaches of Helsinki: Lehtisaari beach

Lehtisaaren uimaranta

Lehtisaari is a small beach in the western parts of the city of Helsinki. The beach is not very big, but it is appreciated by the locals. As a side effect, you can see the business district Keilaniemi in Espoo. Keilaniemi was the original home of Nokia corporation, and many finnish international companies are located there.

The Beaches of Helsinki: Mustikkamaa beach

Mustikkamaan uimaranta, Helsinki

Mustikkamaa is one of my favourite streets in Helsinki. A large and well-equipped beach is right next to the city centre. But a trip through Kulosaari to the archipelago forcibly "breaks away from everyday life". Nowadays, you can also get to Mustikkamaa via the new "Isoisänsilta" bridge..

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