The Beaches of Espoo: The Southern Beach of Kaitalampi

In the northern parts of Espoo you can find Kaitalampi. In english Kaitalampi means narrow pond. Located in nature reserve Kaitalampi is very quiet and calm place to hang visit.

There are two beaches in Kaitalampi. Actually they aren't "beaches", but more like "places that you can go to swim." Lake is deep and if I remember correctly the correct word in english is crag. 

From here you can find pictures and information of all the public beaches in Espoo. There are over 30 of them.

Kaitalampi is part of Luukki are, a park run by the city of Helsinki.

Information about Kaitalampi Beaches

  • Address: Parking can be found around Vihdintie 91, Espoo. There are parking lots on both sides of Vihdintie, and the beaches are a few hundred meters to the east of Kaitalampi.
  • Services: The outdoor area has changing rooms and outhouses. There is also a cooking shelter.
  • Tips for swimmers: The water gets deep very quickly, so exercise caution with small children and non-swimmers. Stunning scenery and always clear water.


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