The Beaches of Espoo

There are over 30 public beaches in the city of Espoo. Here are pictures and other information about all of them. So if're wondering where can you go to swim in Helsinki Region, here you can find some hints.

The Swimming Places of Espoo: Jupperi's "surfing beach"

In Jupperi, on the shore of Pitkäjärvi, there is a swimming spot called Surf Beach. It offers a pier, grass to lounge on, and a small parking area. In winter, you can enjoy ice swimming here.

The Beaches of Espoo: Ruuhijärvi's western side

Nuuksio is amazing, but it can sometimes be difficult to find a spot where you can swim easily. One great place is on the southern shore of Ruuhijärvi. You can swim in the clear lake from this spot popular with scouts.

The Beaches of Espoo: Ruuhijärvi's eastern side swimming place

In Nuuksio, on the eastern shore at the end of Ruuhijärvi, there is a small natural sandy beach. The evening sun hits the beach beautifully. The water in Ruuhijärvi is often very clean, and at this shallow sandy beach, it is also warm.

The swimming places of Espoo: Small swimming place of Hannusjärvi

Hannusjärven uimapaikka, Espoo

Hannusjärvi is a small lake on southern parts of Espoo. The isn't an official beach there. But on the western side of the lake there is a small pier that local use.

The Beaches of Espoo: Kivenlahti

Kivenlahden uimaranta, Espoo

Kivenlahti Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Espoo. It is located in a peaceful area right next to residential buildings. The beach is also close to my heart, as I spent a month here working as a lifeguard in my distant Baywatch youth.

The Beaches of Espoo: Amfi of Kivenlahti

Smalle beach if Kivenlahti is in the middle of quite a big neighborhood in the southern Espoo, by the seaside. The Beach is unofficial, and it actually doesn't even have official name. But the are where it is located is ofted calle Amfi (from amfitheater).

The Beaches of Espoo: Oittaa

The Beach of Oittaa is located on the shores of Lake Bodom. The beach is suitable for families with children as it deepens gradually. Actually Oittaa has actually two seperate beaches. Oittaa is the most popular beach in Espoo, and one of the "top beaches" in Helsinki region.


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