Acropolis of Athens

Parthenon, Akropolis.

It was once very warm July, and I happened to be in Athens. I decided to visit "the top of the Athens, Acropolis. The Acropolis was originally a Mykonos fortress, rising to 90 meters above a million city.

Propylaia (and also entrance)

You can get to Acropolis now (and then thousands of years ago) only through one entrance. Propyla was the gateway to the Acropolis. .

It's been said that the Acropolis is on a hill in the middle of the city. I'd call that a big underestimation. It's more like a mountain than a hill. With blazing sun and a temperature of about 35 degrees, it didn't matter how much a limonade was sold for...


To the right of the entrance is the Temple of Niche Athene. Unfortunately, this was the closest that I could get to from it.


Acropolis, and indeed all of Athens, is known from the Parthenon. This "modest" décor style party hall is from the 4th century before the start of the time. 

Parthenon oli pitkään.kohtalaisen hyvässä kunnossa. 1600-luvulla siellä tosin räjähtiruutivarasto. 1800-luvulla tyhmät britit nakuttelivat irti osia ja laivasivat niitä Lontooseen. Myös paikallinen itsenäisyysmielinen terroristiporukka räjäytti täällä jonkinmoista pommia sataviisikymmentä vuotta sitten.

The Acropolis is pretty big. I haven't found the exact land-size, but anyway several hectares.


Landscapes from the Acropolis are great. And to whatever direction you look at, there is something of a historical monument. On the background of the 1896 Olympic Games's main stadium. Athens is one tens of miles long valley where now lives many millions of people.

On the center there is Acropolis Museum, completed in 2009. It's a great place to visit.


My friend, Wikipedia, says that "Erechtheion is the Temple of the Athenaeum Polias in the north of the Acropolis." The current temple was built in 421-407 BC, "If it were anywhere else, the temple would probably be the city's first sight. Here it is on the edge a bit like others ...

Going down into the city

Nice views and Herodes Atticukses odeion. 

Here's why Acropolis is called the Athens fortress. Not so easy to get...

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