Tony Hagerlund

I'm Tony Hagerlund, 48 years old local green politician from Espoo, At the moment I am a member of Education and Early Education Committee in Espoo.

I'm educated as master of social sciences and practical nurse. I work as a chief of communications development.

The River Glims and Glims Hiking Trail

Welcome to the Glims River in Espoo. Glims together with its sister river Gloms form the Espoo River. This is a short story of a walk along the Glims River, from the bottom of Lake Pitkäjärvi to Lake Kirkkojärvi. I made the trip on the last day of April 2016. The sun was shining and the weather was good, and after spring rains the water was flowing.

The Beaches of Helsinki: Lehtisaari beach

Lehtisaaren uimaranta

Lehtisaari is a small beach in the western parts of the city of Helsinki. The beach is not very big, but it is appreciated by the locals. As a side effect, you can see the business district Keilaniemi in Espoo. Keilaniemi was the original home of Nokia corporation, and many finnish international companies are located there.

The Beaches of Helsinki: Mustikkamaa beach

Mustikkamaan uimaranta, Helsinki

Mustikkamaa is one of my favourite streets in Helsinki. A large and well-equipped beach is right next to the city centre. But a trip through Kulosaari to the archipelago forcibly "breaks away from everyday life". Nowadays, you can also get to Mustikkamaa via the new "Isoisänsilta" bridge..

Keskuspuiston Tikankierros, Espoo

Tikankierros, Espoon keskuspuisto

The Tikankierros trail in Central Park is a beautiful, approximately three-kilometer-long nature trail in Espoo Central Park. The route follows old forest paths and offers a variety of scenery, including forests and swamps. The route is marked with yellow, round signs.

Haukankierros Trail, 4 km Circle Trail in Nuuksio

Haukankierros, Nuuksio.

Haukankierros is one of the circular routes in Nuuksio. The trail is four kilometers long and there are plenty of elevation changes along the way, such as these rocky areas. By the wat, Haukankierros is in english Hawks route.

How to get to Nuuksio (Noux) via public transport?

Nuuksio is a large Nature Park just outside Helsinki. Quite often people ask me where to get off from bus etc. So here are instructions on how to get to Nuuksio by using public transport.

First: where is Nuuksio?

Here is a map of the area. Nuuksio is located in the Helsinki region, about 25 kilometers from Helsinki. Nuuksio is actually in three municipalities: Espoo, Kirkkonummi and Vihti.

The Beaches of Espoo: Oittaa

The Beach of Oittaa is located on the shores of Lake Bodom. The beach is suitable for families with children as it deepens gradually. Actually Oittaa has actually two seperate beaches. Oittaa is the most popular beach in Espoo, and one of the "top beaches" in Helsinki region.

The Beach of Votsalakia, Piraeus nearby Athens

Since I've taken pictures from all the beaches of my hometown Espoo, a hasty person might think that I am disregarding the other beaches. Sometimes, I may get bored and go for a swim instance for the Piraeus. Piraeus is the neighboring city of Athens, in a sense, therefore, similar to what Espoo is to Helsinki.

Rent a cabin

Idyllic cottage for rent in Noux, Espoo. Located in the middle of Nuuksio National Park.

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